Passport éditions is an illustrated magazine that I founded in 2016 with Antoine Duruflé. For each issue, a selection of artists is invited to illustrate stories and legends from a different country.

With the participation of: Félix Decombat, Santiago Garcia Velez, Hugo Ruyan, Maxime Sabourin, Etienne Ciquier, Alice Meteignier, Sarah-Louise Barbett, Manon Cezaro, Jul Quanouai, Diesneigh, Maximilien Pellet, Quentin Dufour, Tom Gauthier, Clémentine L’Heryenat


2017, 50 pages, 19 × 30 cm,15 colors screen printing

Passport éditions N°1, Tales and Legends from Japan

2018, 50 pages, 18×28 cm, risograph print, covver in silkscreen

Passport éditions N°2, Tales and Legends from Norway

 2016, series of 10 posters in silkscreen, 3 colors

Posters, Passport editions,

Exposition at L'amour in Bagnolet near Paris.



Passport Éditions