Viridi Vera is a ficticious poltical movement - a matriarchal, feminist, ecological dictatorship, lead by « Mary Blackwood » who claims to come from another planet (Phusis) to save the earth with a plant, Encaenia Veris, she has brought from her home. I used this fiction as a pretext to study political communication and imagery including its most negative forms of expression: propaganda and lies. How far can we push the cult of personality ?

More than a narrative, I wanted to create an environment, or the echo of a story, that the spectators would compose for themselves; much as we construct our opinions and political certitudes from the collective imagination. Politicians seduce, and promise «change», but they perpetuate a similar regime. We know how to interpret political discourse, including that of a fictional character. As an illustration, I created propaganda posters, childrens books, an official typography, a flag, a political program, an official portrait, bank-notes, derivative products, and a book of archives.

Graphic design


Masters project

The dictaturship of

Mary Blackwood