2017, 50 pages, 19 × 30 cm, 15 colors silkprint

Passport éditions N°1 Tales and Legends from Japan

2018, 50 pages, 18 × 28 cm, risograph print, covver in silkprint

Passport éditions N°2, Tales and Legends from Norway

2018, 30 pages, 480 × 640 mm, offset

Magazine on the theme of space produced with 20 other illustrators. Design of the interior poster and cover in collaboration with Joachim Galerne.

2019, 283 x 344 mm, 72 pages, laser print

Series of 30 plates decorated with decals during a residency in Limoges. Mock catalog of the plate collection.


2019, 170 × 220 mm, 162 pages, silkprint and laserprint

My master thesis on transition in the imagination of comic book characters. How, in comics, the character’s imagination can be represented, and what impact this representation may have on the reader. In this thesis, I analyzed eight narrative works. I examined the boundaries between «the real» and «the imaginary» in fiction, in particular: The visible borders in the series Philemon, and time transitions in Tintin and The Secret of the Unicorn, imaginary escape from  unpleasant daily life in Irene and the Tramps, Asteriop Poly, Ultra Heaven, Arsène Shrauwen, and finally, books without transitions that blur the imagination of the author, of the character and the reader as in Immersion Program or Toxic. The reader does not master the boundaries between the imaginary world and reality in the fictional narrative.

2020, 140 x 210 mm, 120 pages, laserprint

Illustrations and lay-out for a play edited by Alt.